Dale Carnegie Training

Build strong, authentic relationships to impart a close-knit 
culture and energize team members.

What goes through your mind when you think of successful people?

Self-confidence. Social competence. Enthusiasm. Communication skills.

Did you know that you can develop and train exactly these success factors?

In our Dale Carnegie training you will develop the key factors for your success in our agile business world. Improve your interpersonal relationships and optimize your appearance.
With more self-confidence and self-assurance, an authentic appearance and constructive conflict skills, you will take the lead even in stressful times – it pays off.


Sharpen your profile. Become aware of your unique personal strengths and gain self-confidence and social competence. With a positive and convincing appearance as well as professional communication, you will highlight your effective leadership skills in agile times.

Attend a course in your area

Date           Not available 
Time           6 pm – 9 pm 
Location      Live Online
Investment 2’050 CHF exkl. MwSt   

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Target group

Professionals at any stage of their career who want to improve their own performance, lead with persuasion, and achieve better results with the team.


  • Learn basics to success and important memory techniques.
  • Appear more confident and convince others of yourself and ideas.
  • Successfully control stress and your own attitude.
  • Communicate in a motivating and lively way even in stressful situations.
  • Express ideas clearly and present them to the point.
  • Strengthen relationships and motivate others to participate.
  • Inspire and encourage supervisors, colleagues, employees through recognition.
  • Resolve stress and conflicts diplomatically without losing the goal.

Your profit

The practice-oriented training quickly brings visible progress. In just a few weeks, you will make significant progress in your confident appearance and effective speaking in front of groups. This is how you effectively express your competencies.

Group size

Maximum 12 participants


BAG-compliant implementation

The Dale Carnegie course supports you in this:

Communicate clearly and persuasively

Asking others to collaborate

Structure presentations for productive results

Motivate others to action