Sales training with impact

The best recognition for a sales manager is,
 when his team not only achieves the goals set, but even exceeds them.

Higher sales figures start with better salespeople

Are you struggling to convert your leads into actual sales? Or do you just want to sell more? Customer behavior and your techniques as a salesperson have an impact on sales. The good news: we can support you in this.

In today’s world, customers can go through 70% of the sales process without any interpersonal contact! Purchases are increasingly made online without the prospective customer ever having spoken to a salesperson. These circumstances mean that classic, conversation-centric sales strategies no longer work. 

But successful salespeople do something the Internet can’t do: They build trusting, interpersonal relationships. In the Dale Carnegie Sales Course, you’ll learn how to generate more leads for better sales performance. We’ll show you how to build strong, lasting relationships with loyal customers that will keep the sales pipeline flowing. That’s how you’ll not only meet your goals, but exceed them.

Sales Training Overview:

Date Not available 
Time2 pm – 5 pm
LocationLive Online
Investment2’075 CHF exkl. MWST

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The price includes participant documentation, intensive coaching, a client acquisition plan, and a participant certificate from Dale Carnegie Training. Also included are break snacks and lunch.

Sales Training Registration:

This course supports you in this:

score with trust and credibility

Build strong and sustainable customer relationships

To refute preliminary and objections

Shorten the sales cycle and close deals faster

You will continue to develop these skills:

Social competence

Build sustainable relationships characterized by trust and respect – inside and outside the company.


Act with thought and integrity; establish credibility.


Act according to a clear value system; demonstrate integrity.